A contemporary theater will "answer a lot of the problems that we're facing as a 55-year-old building" and will feed the needs of modern Broadway shows to "keep up with the times, the digital revolution," meaning they'll be able to catch the blockbusters a little closer to when they were blockbusters.
- Mary Lewis

Excerpt from "A ‘true season’ of Broadway at Blaisdell to raise curtain on new era for theater in Hawaii", by Hawaii News Now, April 2019

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What are some of your fondest memories of the Blaisdell Center? See what others have shared with us, along with what dreams they have for the future in hopes that future generations may have the opportunity to create new memories of their own.

Former Gov. Neil Abercrombie

Jo Koy

Amy Hānaialiʻi Gilliom

Simon Crookall

Vicky Takamine

Senator Brickwood Galuteria

Walter Figueira

Allen Hoe

Hina Wong-Kalu

Kane Innis

Walter Ozawa

My fondest memory of the Blaisdell Center is...



Mahalo to all who joined us for our third public workshop held on November 8th, 2017. The plans and presentation materials are available for download here. A summary report that includeds all comment cards collected will be posted soon. We will continue to collect public feedback via the contact form at the bottom of this website as we head into the next phase of design.

Workshop 1 (Feb 10, 2015)

Workshop 2 (July 13, 2017)

Workshop 3 (November 8, 2017)

Community Engagement

The City and County of Honolulu owns and operates the 22.4-acre Neal S. Blaisdell Center in the heart of urban Honolulu. To create a roadmap for the site's future, the City conducted an economic feasibility study and a preliminary land use plan to create a vision for a renewed cultural and entertainment complex.

Planning efforts began in 2015 with extensive stakeholder and public involvement to assess the community’s goals. This ongoing community engagement has helped in the development of a conceptual master plan. Implementation of this plan will require significant investment by the City and its partners over the coming years, and the outcome will be a gathering place for the people of Hawaii on par with the great civic centers of the world.

Standford Carr Development, LLC
Bank of Hawai‘i
Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
Alexander and Baldwin, Inc.
McKinley Foundation

The Outdoor Circle
First United Methodist Church
Hawai‘i Community Development Authority
Straub Clinic and Hospital
AIA Honolulu
Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra
Department of Education
Historic Hawai‘i Foundation
Neighborhood Board 11
Office of Planning
Kaka‘ako Improvement Association
Department of Transportation Services
Hawaiian Electric Company
McKinley High School
Hawai‘i Opera Theatre
Honolulu Museum of Art
Honolulu Museum of Art School
Honolulu Police Department

First United Methodist Church
Hawai‘i Community Development Authority
Straub Clinic and Hospital
Howard Hughes Corporation
Douglas Tradeshows
Ken Kanter
Historic Hawai‘i Foundation
Kaka‘ako Improvement Association
Hawaiian Electric Company
Hawai‘i Opera Theatre
Honolulu Museum of Art School
Medical Arts Building
ULI Rose Center

Maui Arts & Culture Center

Public Workshop #1

Honolulu Museum of Art
Diamond Head Theater
Hawai‘i Theatre
Pa‘i Arts & Culture Center
Hawai‘i Tourism Authority
Hawai‘i Opera Theatre
Honolulu Theatre for Youth
Kane‘ohe Ranch Company
Hawai‘i Community Foundation
Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
Alexander and Baldwin, Inc.
Island Insurance Company, Ltd.
The Shidler Group
McKinley Foundation

Alan Hochfelsen, Inc. Honolulu Symphony
Hawai‘i Cultural Center
Forest City Hawai‘i
General Growth Properties
Douglas Tradeshows
Ken Kanter
EKF (Hula)
Edith Kanaka‘ole Foundation
Straub Clinic and Hospital
Queens Medical Center
UH Stan Sheriff Center

Hawai‘i Convention Center
Aloha Stadium
Stan Sheriff Center
Ballet Hawai‘i
Hawai‘i Opera Theatre
Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra
Hawai‘i Theatre for Youth
MacNaughton Group
Halau Mohala ‘Ilima
Mayor’s Office of Culture and Arts
Neighborhood Advisory
Waikiki Shell
First United Methodist Church
Straub Clinic and Hospital
First Chinese Church of Christ
Historic Hawai‘i Foundation
McKinley High School
Hawai‘i Opera Theatre
Hawaiian Electric Company
First Insurance Company of Hawai‘i
One Archer Lane
Douglas Tradeshows
Ken Kanter
Oliver McMillan

Polynesian Cultural Center

Stanford Carr Development, LLC
Kane‘ohe Ranch Company, LLC
Hawai‘i Community Foundation
First Hawaiian Bank
Island Insurance Company, Ltd.
The Shidler Group
McKinley Foundation
Hawai‘i Community Foundation

Honolulu Symphony Orchestra

Ballet Hawai‘i

Honolulu Museum of Art

McKinley Foundation


Art Space

Bank of Hawai‘i

Stanford Carr Development


Mel Kaneshige, Formerly with Outrigger

Alexander and Baldwin
Island Insurance Company, Inc.

First Hawaiian Bank

Hawai‘i Community Foundation

Hawai‘i Health Systems

Hawai‘i Historic Foundation

Hawai‘i Community Foundation

Kaiser Permanente

First United Methodist Church
Honolulu Museum
Kamehameha Schools

Douglas Tradeshows
Ken Kanter

Hawaiian Electric Industries

Tom Moffat Productions

Hawaiian Electric Industries

Honolulu Museum of Art

Douglas Tradeshows
Ken Kanter
Hawai‘i Opera Theatre
Honolulu Museum of Art
Honolulu Symphony Orchestra

Hawai‘i Musicians Association

JN Automotive Group

Art Space

Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra
Hawai‘i Opera Theatre
Ballet Hawai‘i
Hawai‘i Youth Symphony Orchestra
Entertainment Enterprises Hawai‘i, Inc.
Aloha Group International
Diamond Head International Music Festival and Conference
Alan Hochfelsen
IATSE Mixed Local 665
Hawai‘i Pacific University
Eggshell Light Co., Inc.
Rhema Services
Tom Moffat Productions
IDES Production Management
Douglas Trade Shows
Ken Kanter
Special Events Hawai‘i, Inc.
Carol Kai Charities, Inc.
Collector’s Show
Royal Hawaiian Band

Council Member Kobayashi
Council Member Elefante
Council Member Anderson
Ballet Hawai‘i
Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra
Hawai‘i Youth Symphony Orchestra
Royal Hawaiian Band
Douglas Tradeshows
Ken Kanter
Vicky Holt Takamine


Speaker of the House Scott Saiki and Vice Speaker Della Au Belatti
Council Member Menor
Council Member Martin
Blaisdell War Memorial Group


DGM Group
Neighborhood Alliance
Hawai‘i Historic Foundation
Senator Galuteria


Council Member Ozawa
Council Member Manahan
Public Workshop #2


Children’s Discovery Center

Makiki Neighborhood Board

Ala Moana/Kaka‘ako Neighborhood Board
Paulette Kaleikini
Hina Wong-Kalu

Aaron Salā
Kaleo Trinidad
Snowbird Bento

Kaka‘ako Improvement Association General Membership

Walter Ozawa

Ala Moana-Kaka‘ako Neighborhood Board

Veteran Representatives
Public Workshop #3

PA‘I Foundation

HCDA Interim Executive Director

HSO Board of Directors


Master Plan

The Master Plan chronicles the planning efforts and technical studies conducted for a renewed civic center that serves as a cultural and entertainment complex for locals and visitors to Hawai‘i. Planning efforts began in 2015 with extensive stakeholder and public involvement to assess the community’s goals for a redeveloped Center. These efforts began with a feasibility study and a conceptual land use plan, see Feasibility Study below.


Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction and Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Community Engagement
  • Chapter 3 – Master Plan
  • Appendix A - Blaisdell Center Feasibility Study and Conceptual Land Use Plan
  • Appendix B - Existing Conditions Report
  • Appendix C – Civil Engineering Study
  • Appendix D - Hydrology Study
  • Appendix E - Structural Assessment
  • Appendix F - Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Study
  • Appendix G - Electrical Study
  • Appendix H - Fire Protection Study
  • Appendix I - Geotechnical Assessment
  • Appendix J - Topographic Survey
  • Appendix K - Historic American Buildings Survey
  • Appendix L - Retail Demand Study
  • Appendix M - Climate Analysis and Sustainable Design Strategies
  • Appendix N - Campus Emergency Response Plan
  • Appendix O - Transportation Impact Assessment Report
  • Appendix P - Public Meeting Summaries
  • Appendix Q - Cost Estimation
  • Appendix R - Conceptual Plan and Program Report
  • Appendix S - Campus Signage Strategy

Feasibility Study & Conceptual Land Use Plan

In September 2016, the City conducted an economic feasibility study and a preliminary land use plan to create a vision for a renewed cultural and entertainment complex. The study will serve as a roadmap for the project's future.

Site Plan

Click below to view the latest site plan:


How much will this redevelopment cost?

The City anticipates that the construction cost for all of the venues will be $547 million, but will allocate an additional $167.5 million for development and construction contingencies and $57.5 million for the anticipated increases in material cost (inflation) between now and the beginning of construction. The total project cost is estimated to be $772 million.

How will this be funded?
Why is there a need to redevelop the site as opposed to fixing/renovating any site issues?
How much public involvement has there been?
Will Blaisdell be closed completely for redevelopment?
Does this redevelopment include Thomas Square?
Is Thomas Square being transferred to the Department of Enterprise Services?
Are there plans for commercialization of Blaisdell or including housing on site?
Why is the City spending money on this when the state can’t pay for the Rail?
What elements of the existing site stays, and what goes?
We are building more venues, how will Blaisdell accommodate more cars?
How will the City maintain the Veterans Memorial?
What will happen to the fishponds?
What is the timeline for the next steps?
When will construction begin?
Will there be opportunities for future engagement?
Blaisdell by the Numbers:

Project Timeline

  • 2015-2016: Feasibility Study
  • 2/10/2015: Public Meeting #1
  • 2014-2015: Outreach with Stakeholders
  • Fall of 2016: Feasibility Report Published
  • 2016-2017: Task Planning Team selected
  • 2017: Site/Building Assessment
  • 7/13/17: Public Meeting #2
  • 11/8/17: Public Meeting #3
  • 2018: Conceptual Design
  • 2019: EA Completed
  • 2019: Request for Qualifications Release

Existing Visitors & Capacity

0 Visitors/Year
Hosted at Blaisdell
0 Seats
Concert Hall Capacity
0 Seats
Arena Capacity


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